NAB Exam Scores

Transfer Exam Score

Exam scores are reported to the state under whose jurisdiction an exam was taken. An online request must be made to transfer scores to any additional state jurisdiction. The charge for a score transfer is $70.00 per jurisdiction. Candidates can complete a score transfer request online if they have a NAB account. 


  • Log into If you need your credentials, please email
  • Go to Customer Center, then select Candidate - Exam Applications & Score Transfers.
  • On the Applications-Registries page, scroll down to Credentials and go to the Exam Applications tab.
  • Review what exam scores are present at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Begin next to Exam Score Transfer Application.

Exam Score Transfer Application Screen with Begin Button

  • Select the state jurisdiction where the results are to be transferred.
  • Click Confirm Scores and pay the fee. When scores are present, the transfer will be automatic and state jurisdictions will be notified.
  • If no scores are currently loaded it will say, "Error: There are no exams to transfer to...."
  • Add the missing information on the second tab, i.e., Exam Type, Estimated Exam Date, Jurisdiction. NAB will retrieve the results and load it to your account. Securing results not currently loaded can take 14 days or more. The jurisdiction will be notified when results are present for them to retrieve. You will not be charged if results cannot be found.

If you need your credentials to access your scores on NAB's website, please email NABDo not create a new account until you have confirmed if you have a current exam application account with NAB. 

Note: While NAB has retained the majority of scores throughout the past 30 years, scores cannot be guaranteed until transferred. Prior to 1988, NAB only administered the national licensing exam for a portion of licensed nursing home administrators and might not have a complete record of your score.