HSE Accredited Universities

HSE Accredited Universities

The following universities and colleges have programs which are HSE™-Accredited by the NAB. Graduates of these universities or colleges with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in long term care administration may apply for the HSE™ through the Education Pathway.

Please Note! Graduates of those programs who were previously NHA accredited by NAB (as denoted with *** on the listing of accredited universities) may apply using the Education Pathway if they graduated within the last three years of the HSE™ accreditation date of the program. Graduates from newly HSE™ accredited universities can apply through the Education Pathway if their graduation date is after the original HSE™ accreditation date. For more information regarding the HSE™ qualification, please email hse@nabweb.org.

Students who graduate from an HSE™ accredited program are eligible for a onetime 15% ($25) discount on the RCAL & HCBS exams, to be used within 6 months of their graduation date when applying via the Education Pathway. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Please contact hse@nabweb.org for details.

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Bellarmine University

Louisville, KY
HSE Accredited June 2021

Bowling Green State University***

Bowling Green, Ohio
HSE Accredited June 2018

Concordia College***

Moorhead, Minnesota
HSE Accredited June 2019

Eastern Washington University***

Spokane, Washington
HSE Accredited June 2018

Kent State University***

Kent, Ohio
HSE Accredited October 2021

Ohio University***

Athens, OH
HSE Accredited November 2018
until December 31, 2021

Saint Joseph's College

Standish, ME 

HSE Accredited June 2012

Shawnee State University***

Portsmouth, Ohio
HSE Accreditated October 2021

Southern Adventist University***

Collegedale, TN
HSE Accredited June 2021

University of Minnesota

St. Paul, MN
HSE Accredited October 2020

University of Minnesota-Crookston

Crookston, MN
HSE Accredited November 2018
until November 8, 2023

University of Scranton***

Scranton, PA
HSE Accredited November 2018 until June 2022

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire***

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
HSE Accredited November 2017

Utah Tech University
St George, UT
HSE Accredited June 2022

Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky
HSE Accredited June 2019

Youngstown State University

Youngstown, Ohio

Undergraduate Program: HSE Accredited June 2019 to June 2025

Masters of Health and Human Services Program: HSE Accredited June 2024

Listing of NAB Accredited Colleges and Universities

The following institutions are currently accredited by NAB for either Nursing Home Administration (NHA), Residential Care/ Assisted Living (RCAL) or the Health Services Executive qualification (HSE). Please click on the school's hyperlinked name to be taken to their website.

NAME Contact EMAIL Accredited Degree (Program Type)
Bellarmine University (KY)  Jessica Hume jhume@bellarmine.edu
Baccalaureate (HSE)
Bowling Green State University (OH)  Jennifer Wagner jawagne@bgsu.edu  Baccalaureate & Graduate (HSE)
Concordia College (MN)  Jake Goering jgoering@cord.edu  Baccalaureate (HSE)
Eastern Washington University (WA)  Lynn Anidi lanidi@ewu.edu Baccalaureate (HSE)
Kent State University (OH)  Donna Alexander dalexa2@kent.edu  Baccalaureate (HSE)
Saint Joseph's College (ME)  Steven Chies schies@sjcme.edu  Baccalaureate & Graduate (NHA)
Shawnee State University (OH)  Lincoln Pettaway lpettaway@shawnee.edu Baccalaureate (HSE)
Southern Adventist University (TN)  Lisa Kuhlman kuhlmanlisa@southern.edu  Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Minnesota  Rajean Moone moon0060@umn.edu Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Minnesota-Crookston Julie Hinders jsmithhi@crk.umn.edu Baccalaureate (HSE)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Jennifer Johs-Artisensi johsarjl@uwec.edu  Baccalaureate (HSE)
Utah Tech University Tiffany Vickers/  Cindy Clark tiffany.vickers@utahtech.edu;
Baccalaureate (HSE)
Virginia Commonwealth University  Jennifer Pryor agingstudies@vcu.edu  Graduate (RCAL)
Western Kentucky University  Nadia Houchens nadia.houchens@wku.edu Baccalaureate (HSE)
Youngstown State (OH)  Daniel VanDussen djvandussen@ysu.edu  Baccalaureate & Graduate (HSE)