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Below is a comprehensive list of recommended references that candidates can use to prepare for a NAB exam(s). As these resources are used in exam content development, it is strongly recommended to be familiar with content presented in each resource listed for the exam in which you are planning to take. Additional questions should be directed to nab@nabweb.org.

NAB launched updated examination forms in July 2022, which are based on the Domains of Practice developed after the 2020 Professional Practice Analysis (PPA) was conducted.

Practice Exams

NAB is pleased to offer candidates the opportunity for candidates to take national practice exams.

  • Simulate the exam experience.
  • Exposure to style and format of exam questions.
  • Exams by Line of Service available. 
  • Results provided by Domains of Practice.
  • One or two forms available for exams. 

Practice Exams Available

CORE 2 50 $60 for one form; $100 for two purchased as a bundle*.
NHA 2 30 $25 for one form; $42 for two purchased as a bundle*.
RCAL 1 30 $25 per form.
HCBS 1 30 $25 per form.

*When purchasing a bundle, the second exam will not be available until the day after the first exam was completed.
Answers will not be given for the practice exam questions. Results are available under Completed Tests by the Domain and Subdomain level.
If you need technical assistance with the practice exams, please call GMetrix at (801) 323-5800.  

Access NAB Practice Exams

NAB Practice Exams are hosted on the Gmetrix platform as of November 1, 2022.
Any practice exams purchased after November 1, 2022 or on a different platform/ website are not authorized or supported by NAB.